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  About us

The eLearning Edge, Inc. is a business to business consultancy that provides strategic performance improvement consulting as well as instructional design and development, the latter of which is based on the ADDIE process. Our master instructional technologists and organizational design consultants either own or have owned their own consultancies. Our expertise is most often engaged by organizations that hold large government or commercial contracts with which they need specialized assistance.

  Our Philosophy
Our business goal is to free our contractor clients to find additional business while providing their end customer with quality, cost-effective, timely deliverables in our client's name.

Concerning the tasks we perform, we believe that people perform better when they understand the impact of their contributions to the business.

We help organizations:
   Identify impact areas.
   Remove barriers to performance.
   Create supportive systems.
   Enable their people so they can perform their best.





Founded in 1988
We have over 65 years of combined experience helping organizations maximize their business goals through their work force.


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